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Color Stains

Have you ever come in from your workout and spilled your Gatorade all over your fine oriental rug?? Don’t your fear, Arslanian Bros can help. Here are a few before & after pictures of just such a spill. Give us a call today! 216-271-6888 … Read entire article »

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Rug Fringe: What you need to know

Always Great Articles from the RugChick!! ________________________________________ Rug Fringe. What You Need To Know. Fringe.  People love it. Or they hate it. Bright white BIG fringe! On some rugs, it’s short, so it’s not a bother. Older rugs tend to have short fringe because it’s worn off. On others it’s L-O-N-G, and drives some rug owners nuts. (I’ve had more than one take scissors to them in frustration… and then discovered the costly error of their ways, which we will get to later in this blog. Just HIDE the scissors for now please.) And for rug cleaners, fringe is the part of the rug they hate the most. It’s the part that gets the filthiest, requires the most labor to clean, and makes a rug owner not happy with the cleaning job if it’s not perfectly white. So let’s talk … Read entire article »

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Wood Floor Resurfacing

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Rug White Knots. (What You Need To Know.)

Thanks Lisa –   “My rug has white dots in the field, is this damage?” Three Turkish weavers at their rug loom. (Courtesy of Tempe Rugs & Cultural Tours Many rug cleaners, and rug owners for that matter, do not know that the “100% WOOL RUG” in front of them (that is what the label says) often has a very large amount of COTTON in it. In the loom photo to the right, Turkish weavers are weaving a wool rug. You can see very clearly that cotton has been strung up on the loom as the warps (fibers running the LENGTH of the rug) and that cotton is also being used as the wefts (fibers running the WIDTH of the rug in between the rows of knots to hold them in place). If the hand … Read entire article »

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Pottery Barn rugs to Run From…

Always great information from Lisa –   I like Pottery Barn. They have some cool household items and furnishings, some of which are good quality at a good price. Their rug department however, is a different story… and in the rug cleaning world the term “POTTERY BARN RUG” is becoming synonymous with “PROBLEM RUGS.” First of all, Pottery Barn does carry some VERY nice woven rugs coming from Afghanistan in particular. They have some very decorative wool hand woven rugs in their Arzu line. I like that they are funding a craft that is allowing women in Afghanistan to make a living for themselves and helps support education in the region. The ARZU project is a production line to absolutely support. As you recall, you determine if a rug is “woven” by whether  you can … Read entire article »

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Moths: The Enemy of Wool Rugs

A great article written by: by Aaron Groseclose (Cleaning Specialist Magazine)     The professional rug cleaner should know how to identify the clothes moth, the damage the moths can do, how to get rid of them and how to protect a rug from further damage.Adult clothes moths do not cause damage; it is the larvae they produce that cause the problem. The larvae actually feed on wool (Image 1). There are only two kinds of moths to be concerned with: the webbing moth and the casemaking moth. Both moths’ larvae spin a silken tube that acts as a protective barrier. The webbing moth larvae attach their tubes to dark crevices or seams, making them stationary to feed in one location. The casemaking moth’s larvae do not attach their tubes, or “cases,” allowing them to remain … Read entire article »

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Kilims Rugs – A History

THE hard, smooth coverings known as kilims (double-faced) are exported in large quantities from different parts of the East, and are of such thoroughly Oriental character as to entitle them to a prominent place in consideration; but their scope in the matter of execution is so limited, they follow type so closely, that there is no call, and indeed no latitude, for exhaustive discussion of them. In many respects there are no rugs made in the East which are more attractive than genuinely good kilims. There they have been employed as floor-coverings from the very earliest times; in America they are used for portieres and covers. The artistic skill shown in them consists in the novel adjustment of colors. So deft are the Eastern weavers in this that two rugs … Read entire article »

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Ohio Rug Exchange – Chinese Sino Persian 260L W/Silk Information:  Sino Persian rugs usually consist of an elegant floral pattern.  These rugs are extremely beautiful do to the fact that the majority of these rugs consist of wool and silk.  The silk is meticulously woven into the floral motifs of the rugs giving the floral motifs a stunning eye catching effect.  The knots are very tight allowing making the designs to be extremely intricate and detailed.  The density of the knots also gives the rug excellent durability allowing the rug to last many years. Hand-knotted, wool & silk pile on a cotton foundation. In excellent condition.  Full pile, handspun wool, strong colors. If you are interested in this rug you can email us at Please put the rug’s number in the subject line for reference. … Read entire article »

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Cheap synthetic rugs. What you need to know.

January 2, 2012 — Rug Chick It used to be, about a decade ago, that if you wanted to buy a rug you went to a rug store. And odds are, you’d walk away with a wool rug. Wool is the best fiber on the planet for rugs. It’s strong, dyes up vividly, always washes up beautifully, and lasts and last and lasts. Persian hand woven wool rug from mid-1800’s, and still looks fantastic! Even the lesser quality wool rugs from a decade ago, perhaps the ones more heavily chemically processed from China, still would last you decades. So your choice back then was great investment wool rugs (sold at Rug Galleries) and not-so-great commodity wool rugs (perhaps the ones being sold at Home Depot Expo). But still, if it was wool, it was worth owning back then. Today … Read entire article »

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Ohio Rug Exchange

Looking for a place to sell your old oriental rugs? Check out the Ohio Rug Exchange for more info. … Read entire article »

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